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Why do we NEED CREATIVE right now?

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During these hard times, and specifically this next few months, we are all going to need something to keep us busy, distract us from the outside world (not the outside 🙂 So, be sure to check back with my website calendar and sign up for a class! It may just save your sanity!

I will deliver all supplies needed for a painting and you just sign up directly from my website or by emailing me. I’m willing to make drawings just for you to paint, provide canvas, paint and brushes as well a lesson to watch. For all of you fans that have attended my classes, I’m going to do either live feeds for teaching (so we can all interact) or recorded sessions that you may stop and start as needed. So, far I’m leaning toward recordings.

Send me feedback as we go forward please! What a journey!

A NEW YEAR is upon us! We made it through 2020 and are now in week 3 of 2021. Tomorrow we get a new President. A few weeks ago we had an insurrection at our Capital in Washington D.C. and yes, these are unprecented times.

Staying mentally healthy has become my mantra during this Pandemic. In order to DO that, I paint, I sew, I cook (yep, that weight I lost last year is back!), and I read. OH, and I try to walk with my husband each and every day. The days I miss, I pay for. In my attitude and that is NOT good! Fresh air is something I need to keep me smiling and to keep me happy. As I read my BLOG posts from this past year, it gives me a history, or sorts, of where I was along the way. It’s been a roller coaster for sure!

As we enter a New Year, I want to keep offering classes, some in person, some private lessons and YES, some online (either pre-recorded or live). So, keep looking for more inspiration, just as I do for the world without art is just “he”.

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