Kids Kits Now Available

Dandelion Puff- 4th-8th Grades and UP!

With the Stay AT Home order still in effect, what better way to entertain your kids that to let them try their hand at Painting! My KITS are available now for ordering you have the option of delivery or pick up at my studio.

I’ve paired two paintings each for the 2 age groups:

Ages PreK- Third Grades

4th-8th Grades

Check them out and ORDER TODAY!

More Adaptations Today

I had an epiphany during the night and actually got up to act on it. I realized by excluding certain groups of people in my classes, I was actually LIMITING myself and my customers! So, from here on everyone is invited to participate and I will do my best to make available kits for everyone and their kids and their families! Why paint alone?

So, as I attempt to update my project listings, be patient…as the CALENDAR ARE NO LONGER VALID. However, 3 are available right now: The Spring Bicycle, Foxy Lady, and the Earth Day projects. All 3 have outline drawings, I have the supplies for MANY… and will offer pricing by the piece- you choose!

More coming soon! Thanks for your interest and support all!

More classes COMING!

2 more classes have been added and one rescheduled- just so you all can keep the creative juices flowing! My business changes daily it seems, so now I have chosen to try to make it easier for you. I will be making a instructional videos for you to purchase online (new low price too!). Sign up and the video will be available on the release date from 8 am-8 pm and Kits delivered at the time you enter upon registration. You download the instructional video during that time- and you’re good to go!


Finding your calm.

My calm is when I am engrossed in a creative activity. It may be painting, it may be quilting or it may be drawing in my little mini drawing book my sister in law gave me for Christmas! I invite you to explore what I am offering here to find YOUR calm. Enjoy.

Supplies List:

Watercolor paints- set or individual colors, Watercolor paper, a backer board to which you tape your paper (many options available), brushes, and a paint tray. In this case, perhaps the lid of your paint tray.

Acrylic paints- set or individual colors, stretched canvas, brushes, a water sprayer and a paint mixing tray. Even a paper plate will work!

Kris' Blog

Now I can identify with Julie in the movie, Julie and Julia. This woman (in the movie) wrote a blog for a year and cooked her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, one recipe at a time. Now, I’m no gourmet cook, but I think I can do a blog.

So, WHY CREATIVE NOW? In these uncertain times, the way we spend our downtime and the way we make ourselves content is very important. For me, doing something creative is healthy for my brain (it makes me think and solve problems) and it is healthy for my well being- it actually makes me happy! And who couldn’t use a bit of happiness in their life right?

So, I shall attempt to add a calendar online so you may sign up to paint along with me at home, since at this moment in time we are all in this social isolation together! Send me feedback on all this, as it is new to me. Constructive criticism that is helpful! Thank you for taking this journey with me- I am honored to share what I know with you all!