Back to Work!


New incentives for spring!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here’s some NEW INCENTIVES for SPRING 2021!

1. ALL TEACHERS get in for half price for the first class (starting now).  In this way I can say “Thank You for all you have done” during the Pandemic for our community’s children!  Please call if you have any questions or concerns. Let me know how I can help you get back into painting with me!

2. If you bring a guest that has NOT attended one of my classes YOU get in for half price!

3. If you attend 5 classes (as of March 1) your 6th class is free!

4. If you purchase an AT HOME KIT from my website uncorkedandcreative.com, it counts as a class towards the above! I have new kits online! Check them out! If you have your own supplies, most are at $30.00.


New Product Line

I’m excited to introduce my new Notecards product line available here through my website or at Gallery 83 in Seeley Lake, MT. Boxes or singles- you choose! Just click on the blue links below to order.

Great idea for thank you cards or gifts for those special folks in your life.

Notecard A: Montana is music 5×7″ with envelopes Payment through SQUARE.

Notecard B: Elk 1, Hunters 0 4×6 with envelopes. Payment through SQUARE.


The Long Haul

So, it’s been a long dry spell here in my studio class painting, and I’m thinking it’s time to begin again. Time to heal our creative spirits and feed them with color! Life is just not real without creativity in it! So, I’ll be posting my fall 2020 schedule soon, so be on the lookout on my FB page: Uncorked and Creative Painting Classes.

Also, I have already scheduled a KICK OFF to Tour of the Arts Class at the Tamaracks Resort on Oct. 9 at 6 pm. “Triple Feathers” with whatever lettering you would like! You do the feathers and just have fun with it and I’ll do the lettering.

We’ll be in the Big Tent by the office- and class is limited to 20- so plenty of room for social distancing. We will respect any and all COVID recommendations. Registration will begin Sept. 25th.


Kris' Blog

Now I can identify with Julie in the movie, Julie and Julia. This woman (in the movie) wrote a blog for a year and cooked her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, one recipe at a time. Now, I’m no gourmet cook, but I think I can do a blog.

So, WHY CREATIVE NOW? In these uncertain times, the way we spend our downtime and the way we make ourselves content is very important. For me, doing something creative is healthy for my brain (it makes me think and solve problems) and it is healthy for my well being- it actually makes me happy! And who couldn’t use a bit of happiness in their life right?

So, I shall attempt to add a calendar online so you may sign up to paint along with me at home, since at this moment in time we are all in this social isolation together! Send me feedback on all this, as it is new to me. Constructive criticism that is helpful! Thank you for taking this journey with me- I am honored to share what I know with you all!

Happy Holidays to All of You!

Thank you for making this year a year of discovery for me. I discovered many things about myself first and then of course about how the littlest thing can make a HUGE difference (ie. C. Virus) in the lives of so many.

My education went from 0 to 60 back in March when I could not have in person classes, so I simply switched gears and went to online classes. I learned how to ‘film” a class, how to narrate AS I WAS PAINTING, how to edit and try to make a decent video for you to learn from, where to find bulk materials to prepare kits for pick up and delivery. THEN, things changed again, and I realized that alot more people wanted to paint at home than I was providing for… so I expanded my vision and went “global”. As it stands now, I can ship my kits anywhere in the world! Anyone with a computer or smart phone, can order at anytime and I’ll be notified to send the link with my confirmation of their order! I didn’t know how much I could learn in 6 months…. But… there’s still alot to learn.

FOR YOU, however, the biggest difference is that you can now order online and paint at home and keep expanding your experience and creativity! There are many choices out there for creative learning, so I THANK YOU for your support (and your orders) this year! I hope to keep adding more lessons, so watch for my next blog post to keep you updated!

Wishing you all well, and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


New Shipping Boxes have arrived!

Just for fun, I put this on the bottom!

I’m so excited to announce my new shipping boxes created just for my AT HOME KITS have arrived! Just in time to ship for Christmas! HOW do you get one? Shop my website for At Home Kits on the HOME page and you’ll be getting one of these professionally designed and created for you kits!

INSIDE are all the ingredients you need to make a painting: 2 sheets of watercolor paper (or one canvas depending on the kit’s media), brushes, paint in containers, full color copy of the painting you’ll be doing and instructions. The video for the step by step instruction, made by me, is sent separately. I am notified by email of payments made for each order and I forward the link to your email at that time.

*NOTE: Each video is intended for one painter, so if you are painting with a friend, the video fee is charged accordingly. These are all original artworks, so please respect my proprietory useages. Thank you.

Cahoon Strong/ Paint a Heart Day



Come paint a HEART for the Cahoon family to show them our community cares. ANYONE CAN DO THIS! YOU’RE JUST PAINTING A SHAPE! The 8X10 paintings will be mounted on a 4’x4′ (or as big as we need) 1/4 inch plywood board. In the center will be the words YOU ARE LOVED. Everyone is welcome, and donations will be accepted. All profits will be donated to the Cahoon Family for the care and healing of Christian, and whatever other expenses they have a need for at this very difficult time.

COVID Rules will be followed. Masks required (can be provided) and social distancing is part of the plan. Currently, Missoula County asks that no more than 25 people gather at one place, so if possible, call (Kris) for a scheduled time to paint and I’ll try to accomodate you. We’ll have a counter at the door.

10 Stations will be set up with painting supplies. Sign in and paint your heart! We will mount them for you on a large board for presentation to the family afterwards.  Bring the family- tell your friends- Sponsor a HEART- Let’s do what we do best in Seeley Lake and help our neighbors! If you’d like to volunteer to help, please give me a call!

Sponsor a Heart- $30- someone else will paint it for you!

Kids- $10, Adults-$30

For further information call Kris Gullikson at 406-241-1209


Samples of Hearts for Sponsors – $30 each

Where is Summer?

Here in Western Montana, that is a common question about this time of year! We often reply tonge in cheek and say, “Not til the 4th of July”! However, summer is coming… June 21 whether we are ready for the heat or not. Until then, there have been quite a few days of painting time inside! So, grab up your supplies or if you don’t have them and would like to try painting- I have lessons in Watercolor OR Acrylic for you to try.

Head on back to my Home Page and select which kit to try – and push a few buttons and I’ll be notified. Then I deliver your kit and you can do something for yourself- add CREATIVITY to your life. My hope is that after all this Pandemic is over, that we all would have learned to be kinder to ourselves… and others.

Happy painting!

My Reopening Plan

Now that our Montana Governor has gone to Stage 2 of reopening, we can all be proud of how low our state numbers of infection were. Let’s hope it continues as we share our beautiful state with the folks that will be traveling here from elsewhere.

I am happy to continue painting from home at this time and am in no hurry to open my studio up to classes yet. I’ll wait for fall on that. That said, I am very willing to come to your venue and teach classes. SO, if you have a group you’d like to entertain, I have reasonable rates and can come on fairly short notice.

Call me, or email me for further details. Happy painting! Get out and enjoy SUMMER!

New Ways to Help Others

With my kits up and running, I’ve freed up some of my mind to think about ways to help others. SO, if you decide to purchase a Kit from me and IF you decide you can pick it up from my porch at my studio… then I am offering up the incentive of bringing a can of food that I will in turn donate to the Seeley Lake FOOD BANK. No one loses, everyone wins!