Who's teaching anyway?

Hi! Glad to virtually meet you!
If you are interested in a creative journey, you have found the right place- or people to connect with!

Hi! If you are creative at all… you have found the right people to connect with! I teach online or in person art classes with acrylics or watercolors- and the main objective is FUN and EXPRESSION.

Usually classes are 2- 2.5 hours, but with this online format, they are sped up so you can stop and start and I can do the demo in 30-45 minutes! So, get out your supplies (see supplies list on another page here) and we’ll get started! I have scheduled classes online and dates you may come to my studio to paint. I also will visit YOUR venue and paint with your friends, guests or family.

I have an art degree, but instead of doing fine art, I went into Graphic Arts (or in other words designing print material for businesses OTHER than my own). I loved it for a long time, but today I find more joy in sharing all kinds of my creative expression. I hope you’ll join me and find your own joy.

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