My Reopening Plan

Now that our Montana Governor has gone to Stage 2 of reopening, we can all be proud of how low our state numbers of infection were. Let’s hope it continues as we share our beautiful state with the folks that will be traveling here from elsewhere.

I am happy to continue painting from home at this time and am in no hurry to open my studio up to classes yet. I’ll wait for fall on that. That said, I am very willing to come to your venue and teach classes. SO, if you have a group you’d like to entertain, I have reasonable rates and can come on fairly short notice.

Call me, or email me for further details. Happy painting! Get out and enjoy SUMMER!

Published by Kris G

Creativity is my middle name. I was lucky to have an artist for a mother and she shared with me the importance of creating with your heart, hands and mind. I have continued to evolve into the artist I am today and love to share my knowledge on how to create and paint to nourish your soul.

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