New Shipping Boxes have arrived!

Just for fun, I put this on the bottom!

I’m so excited to announce my new shipping boxes created just for my AT HOME KITS have arrived! Just in time to ship for Christmas! HOW do you get one? Shop my website for At Home Kits on the HOME page and you’ll be getting one of these professionally designed and created for you kits!

INSIDE are all the ingredients you need to make a painting: 2 sheets of watercolor paper (or one canvas depending on the kit’s media), brushes, paint in containers, full color copy of the painting you’ll be doing and instructions. The video for the step by step instruction, made by me, is sent separately. I am notified by email of payments made for each order and I forward the link to your email at that time.

*NOTE: Each video is intended for one painter, so if you are painting with a friend, the video fee is charged accordingly. These are all original artworks, so please respect my proprietory useages. Thank you.

Published by Kris G

Creativity is my middle name. I was lucky to have an artist for a mother and she shared with me the importance of creating with your heart, hands and mind. I have continued to evolve into the artist I am today and love to share my knowledge on how to create and paint to nourish your soul.

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