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Now I can identify with Julie in the movie, Julie and Julia. This woman (in the movie) wrote a blog for a year and cooked her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, one recipe at a time. Now, I’m no gourmet cook, but I think I can do a blog.

So, WHY CREATIVE NOW? In these uncertain times, the way we spend our downtime and the way we make ourselves content is very important. For me, doing something creative is healthy for my brain (it makes me think and solve problems) and it is healthy for my well being- it actually makes me happy! And who couldn’t use a bit of happiness in their life right?

So, I shall attempt to add a calendar online so you may sign up to paint along with me at home, since at this moment in time we are all in this social isolation together! Send me feedback on all this, as it is new to me. Constructive criticism that is helpful! Thank you for taking this journey with me- I am honored to share what I know with you all!

Published by Kris G

Creativity is my middle name. I was lucky to have an artist for a mother and she shared with me the importance of creating with your heart, hands and mind. I have continued to evolve into the artist I am today and love to share my knowledge on how to create and paint to nourish your soul.

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