The Long Haul

So, it’s been a long dry spell here in my studio class painting, and I’m thinking it’s time to begin again. Time to heal our creative spirits and feed them with color! Life is just not real without creativity in it! So, I’ll be posting my fall 2020 schedule soon, so be on the lookout on my FB page: Uncorked and Creative Painting Classes.

Also, I have already scheduled a KICK OFF to Tour of the Arts Class at the Tamaracks Resort on Oct. 9 at 6 pm. “Triple Feathers” with whatever lettering you would like! You do the feathers and just have fun with it and I’ll do the lettering.

We’ll be in the Big Tent by the office- and class is limited to 20- so plenty of room for social distancing. We will respect any and all COVID recommendations. Registration will begin Sept. 25th.

Published by Kris G

Creativity is my middle name. I was lucky to have an artist for a mother and she shared with me the importance of creating with your heart, hands and mind. I have continued to evolve into the artist I am today and love to share my knowledge on how to create and paint to nourish your soul.

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