New Product Line

I’m excited to introduce my new Notecards product line available here through my website or at Gallery 83 in Seeley Lake, MT. Boxes or singles- you choose! Just click on the blue links below to order.

Great idea for thank you cards or gifts for those special folks in your life.

Notecard A: Montana is music 5×7″ with envelopes Payment through SQUARE.

Notecard B: Elk 1, Hunters 0 4×6 with envelopes. Payment through SQUARE.

Published by Kris G

Creativity is my middle name. I was lucky to have an artist for a mother and she shared with me the importance of creating with your heart, hands and mind. I have continued to evolve into the artist I am today and love to share my knowledge on how to create and paint to nourish your soul.

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